"Dr. Rhi has been a life changer for me. Her holistic and psychospiritual perspective taught me to honor the many links between my nutrition and my wellbeing. These are lessons that have not only improved the quality of my life, but that I now pass along to my own patients and clients." 

-Dr. Cindy H., NC

“I have discarded the pain pills that I have used for over 4 years despite the diagnosis of MS and fibromyalgia. My blood sugar has dropped by over 100 points on average in a very short amount of time. I have also been losing even more weight.”

-Sonja S., NC

"I never realized that I had pain every day when I would bend my legs to put pants on in the morning... until I was without it! I love being pain free.. I'd like to keep this body for a while! During our last vacation, the highlight of our trip were the hikes.  I was so happy to be able to hike up and down the mountain and sleep w/o the pain afterward. It felt so good and I felt so much much younger:).

There were many moments when I was thinking about Dr. Rhi and was very grateful for all of her help. "

-Jane V., Walker & World Traveler, MI

“Physician, heal thyself”…or so it has been said.

I was nearly 50 years old,  a Chiropractic physician, and my health was in a downward spiral. I lost all faith in allopathic medicine, had nowhere to turn, and was beginning to lose hope. I couldn’t even make sense of what was happening to me and I am a doctor!



Shortly before my only child was moving away to attend college, I developed severe chest pain. Long story short, I had a probable pulmonary embolism. I went to the Emergency room 4 days later. I was put on blood pressure medication which caused increased anxiety and worsened my previously undiagnosed asthma. I saw a cardiologist, a cardiac surgeon, a primary care physician, and a pulmonologist. The last found edema in my lung. No one had answers. All prescribed medication which worsened the very conditions they were treating. I finally stopped taking everything. My medical bills were skyrocketing. I was having trouble working. I needed help fast.



Within a week, my blood pressure began to normalize. Gradually, my breathing was less labored and the constant coughing was beginning to decrease. After a month, the vibration in my chest wall with inhaling  (due to the fluid at the base of my lung) stopped. My anxiety lessened, my energy came back, and most importantly, I had hope that I could be well again.


I told Dr. Rhi that I credit her for saving my life. That may seem an extreme statement but I know that had I continued on the road I was on, the dis-ease in my body would have become chronic, irreparable, and life-threatening.


Dr. Rhi is a truly gifted healer. Her knowledge of biomechanics, Eastern medicine, diet and plant medicine is unparalleled. What makes her extra-ordinary is her kind, compassionate demeanor. Dr. Rhi treats ALL of you with a concern and intuitive knowing that transcends her remarkable natural healing modalities. I am eternally grateful she was here when I needed her most. She can absolutely help with all that ails you!”

-Dr. Tina Driscol, Spring Lake Chiropractic Physician

“Before meeting with Dr. Rhiannon, I was a pretty strong injured athlete. After my injury, bulged disks and pinched nerve, I realized I had muscle groups that were weak and that I didn’t know existed or how to strengthen. Dr Rhiannon has helped me quickly recover from my injury, and I am learning how to strengthen the weak muscles, eat healthier, and move better in general. I am on the road to being a faster, stronger athlete than I was before my injury.

-Joe L., Athletic Trainer & Crossfit Competitor, TN

“Working with Dr. Rhi has helped me so much. I was in pain with my knees and had some issues from childhood with my hips not realizing that those issues were holding me back from being my best physical self.


With her help I now have almost zero knee pain ( when I do I now know how to treat it naturally with some accupressure from her online course and relaxing exercises) and I feel like I can move and be all I was created to be.


Thank you dr. Rhi for your work. This mamma appreciates you !”

-Maria Napoli,

“After only 2 weeks of performing my 1st pre-WOD sequence from Dr. Rhi, my coach not only told me that my form looked completely transformed, I also PR’ed my front and back squat!

However, the most life changing aspect for me has been that after almost 10 years of ‘classic western medicine’ being unable to help my digestive and fertility issues, Dr. Rhi was able to help me heal NATURALLY in less than 2 months time!!”

-Tara K., Crossfit, Spin Instructor and Mother of 3, NC

I’m so very thankful that I found Dr. Rhi. She helped me recover to the point of pain free in my back and hips and aided in a fast recovery post surgery. She helped me combat anxiety through meditation. The greatest aspect that Dr.Rhi is a teacher who enables her patients to heal themselves. By giving me the techniques and habits I can continue on my wellness journey with the knowledge I gained through our sessions. Life changing.Dr. Rhi was able to help me heal NATURALLY in less than 2 months time!!”

-Tina G., Mother and Specialty Healthy Cake Maker

“Miracles happened for me in Dr. Rhi’s healing hands. She is so intuitive and able to support the healing energy in my own body. I have been to several chiropractors and acupuncturists but never has someone so skillfully treated my longtime chronic lower back pain with only one treatment that resulted in walking out of the office pain free!  It has lasted for months ( I keep pinching myself, how can this be?) I only occasionally have minor discomfort when lifting more than I should, etc.

The energetic side to healing is so powerful and Dr. Rhi has helped me to embrace that.  Qi Gong and meridian exercise therapy have been effective tools to support and maintain my wellness.  Her wholistic approach also includes foods, Eastern medicine principles and herbs, all of which have been beneficial and empowering to my personal journey.”

-Marsha Howe, Farm-A-Yard

“I had dealt with a benign essential tremor in my left hand for many years…….then it started in my right hand and progressed to the point that it was affecting my every day life in my ability to eat, drink, write and apply make-up.

The results were immediate and subsequent treatment brought even more improvement! Dr. Rhi wrote a case study on the success of my treatment and it has been published.”

-Sue H., CA

“Amazing provider who I will refer everyone to! I have no migraines thanks to Dr. Rhiannon!”

-April B., Hairstylist, NC

“Dr. Rhi is very patient, thorough, and friendly. She teaches me about what’s going on in my body and helps me set reasonable goals. I’m experiencing improvement in my condition and am greatly heartened.”

- Jennifer R., PhD, NC

“After only 4 weeks of work with Dr. Rhi, I can see a noticeable improvement in my issues. Eastern medicine is all about fixing the cause not simply masking the symptoms.”

- Sheila V., Kettle Bell & Athletic Instructor, NC

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